Ultra, new partnership for mining


Through a press release Ultra, a gaming-focused project that leverages the blockchain from EOSio, announced a partnership with Cudo to provide the power for the applications of this project.

In fact, Ultra’s project also includes a part of „mining“ to process data and information for those who will provide the request and then take advantage of users‘ resources to put their computing power, both CPU and GPU, to work.

All the profits generated by this „mining“ are directly converted into UOS and automatically sent to the user’s wallet. This way users can get all the resources they need for the ecosystem, as various objects such as NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) can be bought through UOS.

This transformation process will be done thanks to Cudo, a platform already operating in 145 countries and with a user base of over 140 thousand people. Thanks to its software, Cudo provides computational power, greatly reducing costs for the applicant.

Ultra’s partnership for more computing power
Let’s not forget that by their very nature games require impressive computing power and many players have dedicated high-performance PCs that they can literally put to good use here, as Nuno Pereira, Vice President of Investment and Partnerships at Cudo explained:

„We are extremely excited to work with Ultra. This link gives Cudo access to millions of players around the world and allows them to participate in the sharing economy of computing power. Let’s imagine a future where it becomes second nature for players to use their unused computing power to purchase new games or items on the Ultra platform.

This collaboration also expands the basic user base of Ultra users, as some may find it more profitable to undermine a token with great potential and make more profits. The native token has yet to be released on this blockchain, although there are already ERC20 tokens that will be converted later.

This is a unique opportunity, said Ultra’s co-CEO, Nicolas Gilot:

„Cudo creates a unique opportunity for Ultra to increase brand loyalty, allowing our community to use its unused computing power to earn UOS. Ultra’s One-click mining application is simple to use, with fully automated optimization and selection of the most profitable offering. Earnings are used to buy UOS in the marketplace and are sent to the user’s Ultra portfolio. This innovative partnership is paving the way for distributed computing power that is of enormous value to the gaming industry.

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